My Little Benjamin

I was inspired by an introduction picture at a kindergaten my husband worked for years ago. I welded a badge pin on the back after I cut the metal plate, so I can bring him everywhere with me! I’m very nervous about losing it though, after making many mistakes and re-doing the whole process over and over again. It was a big challenge for me!

4 thoughts on “My Little Benjamin”

  1. So lively and original Junko. The painting is getting there and the likeness is good. I like the bright white background framing the figure. Lovely keepsake. Well done!

    1. Junko says:

      Thanks, Gillie! I made so many mistakes, but I’m glad I didn’t give up finishing it!

  2. Graham says:

    Your little Ben, very nice!

    1. Junko says:

      Thanks, Dad 🙂

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